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DBSK FanFictions

31 July
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I am swallow. You could call me Tiff or Momo. :D
My crochet doll store---> Etsy
My book store---> Lulu
My doll site: Swallow's Creative Corner
Personality: old Asian lady...because I am an old Asian lady. XD Is a yaoi (BL) writer...but is a heterosexual in RL. :D
Wife: kaimoo aka Miky. Yes, this just contradicted the above statement. She's the only exception. Haha~
Color: blue...blue...blue...blue...and BLUE!
Animals: bunny, penguin, duck, capybara, elephant, monkey
Novels: Dirty Kiss, Dirty Secrets, Sinner's Gin, Whiskey and Wry
Fanfictions: Tarnished Angels, Echo of Dusk + Dawn, Broken Glass Hearts, The Beacon; My Siren
Hobbies: Writing (is my therapy), Photoshop graphics/web designs, crafts (mostly crochets), drawing, and singing.
Dislikes those who are: heartless, rude and foul mouthed, liars, thieves, cheaters
Hates: noise

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